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Mind Alignment 2.0: Paradigm Shift Of The Black Mind

Autographed Paperback Copy of the Book.

 We are witnessing a paradigm shift.  What is a "paradigm shift"?

A paradigm shift is a drastic change in our perspective of the world and how we operate in it. Our usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced with a new way.

So many changes are occurring worldwide. The world is changing at a fast pace. This book focuses specifically on African Americans and our role in this shift. The book takes a metaphysical and spiritual look at how we can change our realities both individually and collectively.  A "paradigm shift of the black mind" means a shift in our consciousness. This book is a spiritual perspective of the paradigm-shifting that is happening worldwide. 

So much struggle and pain are in our history. It's time for us to focus on changing and healing the generational trauma endured by our ancestors. Transmuting all our pain into power. This book goes into how to change your thinking to shift into the highest form of yourself.  The book teaches you about your innate mind power. It teaches you how to decipher through the lies that have been told about black history. It teaches you how to use your culture to motivate you to succeed. It teaches how to use your mind to manifest a new world. It teaches how to unlock dormant DNA and activate your stolen greatness. There is no other book out right now like this one. This is the perfect time for us to tap into your inner greatness and awaken all the dormant powers within our DNA. This book is a spiritual perspective of the paradigm-shifting that is happening worldwide.

About The Author: Ricky Prestige Leverett Jr is a 4x self-published author. Ricky is the author of Mind Alignment: Wake Up Your Stolen Greatness Through Mind Power and children's book Amir’s Hidden Superpower. He is a professional Metaphysical Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Advisor, and meditation instructor. He has spoken on a variety of topics for audiences both big and small. Ranging from corporations to small cultural events. He specializes in mind science, motivation, metaphysics, and psychology. He studied metaphysics under Dr. Paul Leon Master's at the University of Metaphysics. Ricky has been teaching, speaking, and studying mind science for over ten years.

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